Cyber Consultation’s innovative e-Commerce solutions will help you to manage and market your website all by yourself. Our dynamically driven Content Management Systems allow you to edit and update the displayed content of your website through an admin interface. Take a closer look at our state of the art e-Commerce solutions.

Content Management System

A dynamically driven website management tool that allows site administrators (and others) to make additions/amendments/deletions to content of a website.

Admin areas are Web browser based (Internet Explorer V5.5 or above required). Client can choose any three of the following modules for inclusion in the base installation of Orbit. Other Group A modules can be installed at their listed price.

Group A Modules

Multiuser Security Module This module allows multiple users to simultaneously access Orbit and make changes using their own Login Details. Levels of access can be set by the Orbit Administrator. Useful for a site being managed by more than one user, but where the Orbit administrator wants to restrict access to certain areas or wants to review content before it goes live.
Multilanguage Module This module allows the site to be displayed in multiple languages. A user selects their preferred language and this setting is then maintained using sessions so that the visitor only sees content in their chosen language until they choose another language or close their browser.
File Upload Module This module allows a user to upload files such as PDF’s or MS Word Documents directly from their computer. A link to the document is automatically added to the target page selected by the user. Useful for when a user wants to upload multiple documents such as PDF newsletters, but doesn’t then want to have to create links to these documents within the site.
Blog Module An online Blog tool for a single user to maintain an online diary. Content is categorised by date and searchable by key phrases. Links to blog archives and to the most recent blogs are provided on all blog pages.
News Module This module allows Hot news or media releases to be displayed in summary on the home page (or any other nominated page) of the website with a link to read the full article on a separate page. Historic news articles are archived for future reference.
FAQ Module This module lists Frequently Asked Question and their answers in a user friendly format. FAQ’s are searchable by keyword phrase. Visitor clicks on a comment and answer appears directly under the question. Useful in a pre-sales or technical support environment to cut down on enquiries around frequently addressed issues.
Basic Image Display Module Orbit users can upload images directly from their PC to a directory on the website. Site visitors can then choose to view a gallery and the image pops up with basic navigation to other images in the same gallery (First, Last, Next, and Previous). Note – this module does not include any image compression or resizing functionality. Images must be resized and compressed prior to upload (max file size 500Kb). Useful for technology confident site owners that are happy doing their own image manipulation. (See Group B Photo Gallery Module if more functionality required.)
Online Poll/Survey Module This module allows the site administrator to create online surveys/polls to be displayed on predefined areas of the website. Results are archived for future reference. Poll results can be displayed in real time during the poll.
Hot Specials Module This module allows Hot Specials to be displayed in summary on the home page (or any other nominated page) of the website with a link to read the full special/product information. Includes function to add hot product straight to Shopping Cart (if integrated).
Guestbook Module This module allows site visitors to leave feedback about their experience with the product or service offered on the website. Feedback is moderated by the site owner so that all feedback is approved prior to going live on the website. Useful for ecommerce sites wanting to provide user feedback about their products or adventure activity sites wanting to provide client endorsement of their activity.

Group B Modules

Events Calendar Module This module allows users to add information about upcoming events. Items are listed in calendar format with a link by date that takes user through to event details. Events automatically drop off calendar as event date passes. Useful for sports clubs or other organisations that are regularly arranging multiple events.
Newsletter Emailing Module (Email Marketing) This module allows a user to create/customise newsletters online using predefined templates. Users can then select all or specific recipients from a database for each mailing. Administrator can also upload contacts to their mailing list from a preformatted file. Also includes Subscribe/Unsubscribe functionality. Useful tool for email marketing campaigns. Includes integration of one (1) template.
Additional newsletter templates Adding additional email templates to Newsletter module. Allows user to customise email look and feel for specific marketing campaigns.
Photo Gallery Module An online tool for creating photo or image galleries interactively. Administrator can upload images from their PC or camera and images are automatically resized, cropped and compressed for inclusion within predefined templates. Also creates thumbnail versions of the image for display within a page. Clicking on a thumbnail launches the Photo Gallery with navigation (Next, Previous, First and Last). The Photo Gallery also has a slideshow function. Photo Gallery can also display movies – will extract first frame of a movie to display as an image (requires FF-MPEG to be installed on server) otherwise displays a movie icon. Ideal for users who are not comfortable with image manipulation.
Store Management Module This module allows user to upload images of their products and add/edit information on description, price, unit of measure, weight etc. Administrators can add/edit/delete categories and subcategories of products. Products listed as title and summary description only with link to full size image and product description. Ideal for when Administrator wants to manage/update multiple products online. Can be coupled with Shopping Cart module and Payments Gateway module to create a full Ecommerce solution.
Shopping cart Module This module allows site visitors to add items to their shopping cart as they browse through the products on an ecommerce site. The visitor can review cart contents at any time and can remove or amend product quantities prior to check out. Also has option to display ‘upsells’ or ‘specials’ as part of the checkout process. When the shopper is ready they submit their order for processing. Order is stored in database for offline processing or can be integrated to a payments gateway. If Credit Card details are being collected, we strongly recommend the use of a Secure Server (SSL) Certificate, either the default server one, or we can purchase one for the client site.
Forum Modul This module allows users to login and provide information or answer questions posed on discussion threads or to ask their own questions by starting their own threads. Discussion threads can be either open or moderated by site owner. Can allow guest access or require forum membership. Users can login and modify their profile and contact details. Forums are useful as a support or information tool for users of a websites products or services to discuss their experience in using or adapting a product or service.
Availability Module Module to allow administrator to add/edit/delete availability of item or time allocation for an event or resource. Allows administrator to block out resources in real time as they are booked to prevent double booking. Site visitors can drill down by rooms/event, dates for best prices and make bookings online. Can be integrated with Payments Gateway to fully automate the order process. Ideal for accommodation providers or Adventure Activities providers.
Payments Gateway Integration To integrate multicurrency payment processing gateway (DPS). We recommend DPS for payments gateway – other providers can be scoped and quoted for as required.
Client Management Module This module allows either the site administrator, or a site visitor (or both) to create a user profile within a secure area of the website. Administrator can upload client specific documentation to this area for access by authorised individuals only. Site visitor can maintain their own profile. Also has lost password functionality.
Google Earth Interactive Map Interactive map to pinpoint locations of interest on a geographic map. Can be searchable with a ‘click-to–viewmore information box. Ideal for sites that want to provide geographic location of a listing or activity such as Real Estate sites, Accommodation Associations, Local Bodies, Adventure Activity providers etc.