merchant accounts

Cyber Consultations Inc.  is a provider of European Corporate Merchant filing. Our organization has maintained a very strong relationship with several European based banks and our experienced staff is ready to assist you to expand in the international market arena.

Corporate Services:

Banking and Acquiring Services

  • Acceptance of Credit Cards (Acquiring)
    Our Banking Partners are holding principal memberships with Visa, MasterCard and JCB.
  • Electronic Direct Debit (ELV)
    Our partner banks provide electronic direct debit services (Elektr. Lastschriftverfahren) for Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and soon for all countries of the European Union (SEPA)
  • Escrow Services
    Escrow services are provided using local corresponding bank accounts in 25 countries.
  • Corporate and Consumer Banking
    General use multi-currency bank accounts are provided to corporate and private clients worldwide.

Banking and Acquiring Services

  • Consumer Payment Card
    Our bank partners issue virtual and physical consumer credit and debit cards.
  • Payroll / Payout Card
    Payroll Cards are an alternative to traditional paychecks with lower fees, simple processes and the ideal solution for a diverse workforce or partner / supplier network: e.g. overseas, unbanked,…
  • Procurement / Purchasing Card
    Purchasing Card allows to streamline the buying process and lower costs by reducing requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, and multiple payments to suppliers.
  • Co-BrandedLoyaltyCard
    Loyalty Card strengthens the relationship between the company and its clients and enables the clients to gain bonus points / rewards on every Cent spent using the card.

Consulting / System Integration

  • Project Management
    Our consultants will guide you through the initial project setup and help you to attain a successful project outcome.
  • Process / Conceptual Design
    Relying on its industry experience and best practices, we provide assistance on streamlining the clients process and technology landscape.
  • Supplier and Partner Selection
    Assistance on finding the most suitable banks, data suppliers or collection partners for the client’s initiative.
  • Legal Support
    Assistance regarding international or local regulatory and legal requirements affecting the client’s initiative.
  • Training and Staff Empowerment
    Cyber Consultations provides comprehensive user and staff training – either on-site, or remotely.
  • Technology / Integration Support
    Assistance on integrating our partner bank’s services into the client’s application ecosystem and client specific system Development.