search engine optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  The focus is on getting your website into top rankings in Google and the other Search Engines for specific search phrases that will bring targeted visitors to your website.

Optimization covers the initial work of researching what phrases your audiences are searching on and then optimizing them in both the public and non-public parts of your website.

Ongoing work is then required to get other quality websites and directories to link back to your site.  This reinforces to Google and the other Search Engines

that your website is credible, relevant and popular. Over time these inward links are critical to moving your site into opt rankings and keeping it there above competitors.  We employ a number of strategies including listing your site on quality directories, publishing articles that link back to your site, and approaching other individual websites. Optimization and the ongoing work is collectively called Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is a sound marketing investment because:

  • It is very targeted – people who find your website are already pre-qualified because they have taken the time to actually search online for the type of product or service you are offering.
  • It is measurable – you can monitor visitors to your website, enquiries, emails or online sales and see the return on investment far more accurately than many other mediums such as print and radio.
  • It is comprehensive – unlike other marketing channels where campaigns have a limited timespan or geographical coverage, once we have your website ranking in the Search Engines it is visible all day every day, and around the world.
  • It is cost-effective – for the coverage you can achieve and the potential return on investment, Search Engine Marketing is unbeatable.
  • It offers a level playing field – businesses with smaller budgets can rank above major industry players and compete for a bigger share of the online market.

Returns from SEO:

Search Engine Marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix for most websites.  If we have designed an amazing website for you then you should be aiming to get it in front of online audiences.  There are certain industries in particular that get an outstanding return on investment from Search Engine Marketing:

  • Real Estate sites
  • Financial Services sites
  • Accommodation sites
  • Tourism sites
  • eCommerce sites
  • Professional Services sites

When assessing whether you need Search Engine Marketing there are three questions to ask yourself:

1. Do my target audiences use the internet?

If they do search online and you are currently not on the first page of results in Google, MSN, Yahoo and AOL, then you are losing market share to competitors.  Conversely this means there is a large new potential market you can get a share of.

2. How many conversions do I need to get a good return?

If you are in real estate then you need only one or two sales a year to cover the annual cost of Search Engine Marketing.  In reality we may get you in front of tens of thousands of people searching online.  One new client for a law firm may cover the annual cost of Search Engine Marketing, whereas an eCommerce store selling items with a $10 margin might need thirty sales a month.  The point it to work out the value of a conversion from your website and match this with the potential size of the online market we will get you in front of.  For most clients the potential return on investment is great.

3. What marketing am I currently spending on that is not working?

Instead of having to find more money to pay for Search Engine Marketing, many clients simply use the money they spent on other channels.  If you have a small ad at the back of a magazine that doesn’t bring you any noticeable business, then cut the ad and free up the budget for monthly Search Engine Marketing.  Review all your marketing spend and you’ll soon find out that some of the advertising you have always done is simply not getting results.  Search Engine Marketing only costs a few hundred dollars a month and will get you in front of larger, more targeted audiences than many print and radio options for a fraction of the price.

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